So… I was going through my stuff…

Yes… I had worked on a few shortstories in my past time… and these… were almost done so I finished the other one… and this one. I might add more to them if there’s some positive feedback on them.


Short Story: Truck Sama


Don’t worry too much… I have the next few chapters of Dragon’s tail set up… just editing and making it pretty adn work out. Skill ups? I… yea… I need to work on that also…


>.>; Do people even check these anymore?

Well then… After a while…I’ve been pretty much unable to extend these scenes! No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to think of much more to add to it and ya… SO…


Chapter 35: Daybreak

Chapter 36: Decisions.

Chapter 37: Breaking through the lines.


After reading these…I kinda wanna know… who wants to see more of the “War” or do people want me to move on with the main story line. The stuff that would happen in the war would not be extremely important to the story line… And would just be fluff… and more of a insight on Kuro’s nature in battle.

Also… Yea… orz

I’M TRYING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

**Intense Dogeza**

Please forgive me… I haven’t forgotten you guys or Kurogane! Or Kael!

Short Story again

So… This christmas I ended up writing with a small group a little christmas story… I ended up having fun messing around with the characters and since it was all of our ideas… I took the characters and messed with them~

First off… It’s different from anything else I’ve written. It’s a little… crude for some. Easily offended people or overly innocent… wait till next post ^^


The Sadistic Ninja Dad’s New Years


For the rest of ya! Hope you like it~

Short story!

So this one’s been in the back of my head for a while now and I wanted to play with this idea. It came from a conversation I was having with someone and I REALLY liked the idea and just flew with it!

Not edited since it’s a first draft, maybe one day I’ll go back to these and clean them up and do the 2nd draft

Short Story: Kidnappers Lament

Hope you guys enjoy it! Still cleaning up the chapters for Kurogane…and working on Kaels story!


**Added section**

Ah I forgot to mention… If you guys really liked that one… I could probably do a continuation of that one… probably eventually anyways, but if there’s enough intrest I’ll bump it up in priority.