I live still o.o

I forgot how to use this thing o.o

The continuation of some kinda thing



I don’t even know what this is

Yea… I forgot how to use this site it’s been so long and I’m tired… I’m gonna fix this in a second… I tried to write one of the two stories… and ended up with this. Don’t even ask


I don’t even know

It’s a thing ok!?


This is just my selfishness… A story

Sorry guys, I’m writing this due to my own selfish wish… I’ll leave it to you guys what you think but for now… please be patient with me… I can’t write anymore today… this is all I can handle.

Story prologue or chapter 1.

I’ll probably add more tomorrow… well the start of the story… in the future I may edit this more and add more… but this is dedicated to my important family member… and my selfish wish, that he be in a better place now.

*Bows* There is no chapter, Just a message from me.

First off, I am very sorry to all of you. Each of you have read my stories and enjoyed them to a certain extent. I don’t believe myself to be that great of a writer, nor that great of a story teller. Yet, I have been blessed with people who actually read the stuff I write. For this I truely wish to thank you all.


First order of business. I know the last message I wrote was the I’m trying to write and start releasing chapters again. However I have been stuck… in the Dragon’s Tail the last chapter before the next set of events have left a bad taste in my mouth. They felt out of place yet fit the requirement I wanted.


For Skill Ups, I have been unable to move Kael forward. No matter which way I tried to manipulate his thoughts, he was unmoving. I couldn’t get him to move forward.


Now, on a side note. I have been DMing a DnD game for someone very imporant to me. And it has been very enjoyable and fufulling to me. I still think about this website and about the stories I have yet to finish.


In short, please be patient a bit more… I finally washed out that bad taste from the next chapter of dragon’s tail and am working on weaving it all together. For Skill Ups I only was able to move him to the next stage finally and need to build the stage. But I promise you, I have never intended, not for a minute, giving up on these two stories. I hope that when I can finally get the wheels turning of these stories, that there will be more readers who will enjoy my foolish tales


Thank you for your time,

The Meandering Otaku, Yuuichi

So… I was going through my stuff…

Yes… I had worked on a few shortstories in my past time… and these… were almost done so I finished the other one… and this one. I might add more to them if there’s some positive feedback on them.


Short Story: Truck Sama


Don’t worry too much… I have the next few chapters of Dragon’s tail set up… just editing and making it pretty adn work out. Skill ups? I… yea… I need to work on that also…